We do not ask for any kind of payment against the Recruitment process. Any individual or agency claiming to be/represent Datainox asking for money on any platform is a SCAM. We do not offer work from home.

Why Datainox is the best choice for outsourcing your data conversion needs

Data conversion is one of the most critical tasks necessary for creating and managing a successful venture. Retail, e-commerce, health and wellness, logistics, and real estate are just a few industries that necessitate data conversion services. These industries would make no compromises when choosing the finest platform to meet their data conversion needs.

Let us look at some of the reasons why Datainox is one of the most popular offshore data conversion service providers:


Most data is in the least understandable format that is not subsidized by the systems. This is where the choice is defined for using at-par tools for Data Conversion requirements, and Datainox uses the best terms for converting it in the most straightforward and understandable format. Datainox has an expert team that would make this conversion process as minimal, complex, and tedious as otherwise. Since the team is also experienced in all kinds of data conversion projects, the client’s requirement is easily adapted and understood. Accordingly, the results are also achieved very quickly. The probability of giving erroneous work is minimal on the aptitude and capacity of the workforce with Datainox.


When it comes to handling a significant volume of work in a short period, Datainox is unrivaled. This is possible since we can manage large-scale initiatives while providing convincing reports on intended conversions. The optimal combination of technical tools and resources available at Datainox ensures that the output is delivered within the necessary time frame, regardless of volume. The tools include software applications that are installed with the system. Datainox also has several tracking systems to identify any errors that may have occurred throughout the conversion process. As a result, Datainox is one of the best offshore conversion service providers. The final material must go through a bug control check for quality commitments.


We have a specialized crew that works according to the client’s time zone, which saves a lot of money that a firm would otherwise have to spend on getting their job done by in-house employees. This has stuck to quality and devotion to delivering work on schedule and at the most competitive prices in the market. The distinct quality that stands out is how we take care of our client’s requirements, especially regarding budget and time constraints. In addition to the cost savings that Datainox promises, a balance is maintained for a commitment to provide the best return on client investment.


There is a by-default understanding between the company and the clients for the most prime requirement: the Client’s Data Security. When most companies would want to keep this limited to their agreement that they would enter attesting with the client before working on their project, Datainox also provides the “Liability Insurance” for clients depending on the volume of their work and their contingency.

Datainox provides the “Service Level Agreement” to clients that should have each element relative to the client’s project, along with the committed quality and time frame. Transparency in work and commitments is consistently crucial for Datainox. Equal significance is given to maintaining a healthy and satisfying client relationship that is not relevant to the project size, and the deal is closed. Datainox has its top team for maintaining PR, which is best for keeping the client’s corporate image in the market.

Datainox is always assured of presenting the best-converted data without any doubts; the output is in a readily usable format and a piece of detailed information supported by the most usual reading systems.

Virtual Assistant v/s In House Employee

Getting the right source workforce is one of the main requirements for our business to flourish. It’s the same thing as appointing good HR services so that the required openings are found. This takes much time. The pain of recruitment is followed by a series of strategies that must be monitored. Last but not least is payroll. Keeping track of the attrition rate is essential after keeping a high end on all these aspects. The extra productivity cost will affect the operation’s price by the end of the month. Is it better to hire a full-time employee or get a virtual assistant?

The elements highlighted here will help you with the perplexity. Both in-house employee and Virtual Assistant have their own benefits. Virtual Assistance is preferred if you want to outsource your business work to some offshore company since there are multiple benefits while getting an offshore Outsourcing Partner.


  • Salary
  • Incentives
  • Medical Benefits
  • Paid Leaves
  • Regular appraisals
  • Motivation
  • Infrastructure
  • Culture
  • Resources
  • Other Operational Costs

Comparison between Virtual assistance and Inhouse Employees based on various factors.

Employee Training. It’s essential to train your in-house employee for your project. We have professionally trained Virtual Assistants who would only need an initial brush-up for your project.

Fostering Social Media. It is a requirement to maintain and keep updating your social media pages with the prevailing market. An in-house employee would need a dedicated resource. Your virtual assistant will take care of it.

Infrastructure. A particular space is required for a profile to be productive. There is an additional cost to make a workstation. The regular Hardware and Software expenses are apparent, and the timely upgrade of gadgets and resources is always expected. All these expenses are included when you hire a Virtual Assistant.

Additional Payroll Benefits. In-house employees would expect benefits like Medical Expenses, Paid Leaves, Incentives, Bonuses and much more. Also, a company becomes liable to provide Insurance and Provident Fund schemes to in-house employees. Virtual Assistants do not require this from you.
Flexibility and Overtime pay. This happens when you have an unexpected load of work volume. In the case of an in-house employee, either you lose on convincing them to stretch their regular working hours, or you end up paying them to double for the extra hours they do. On the other hand, since Virtual Assistant is available on hourly pay, an outsourcing company will take care of your work volume by dedicating their source as per demand. They will make sure to give you your work within the committed timeframe. In simple language, it is challenging to expect flexibility from your in-house employee every time, while virtual assistants are always available per your requirement. You just pay them per hour.

24/7 work support. You cannot expect your in-house employee to work for you during night hours. In such cases, you can simply hire a Virtual Assistant who can work as per the required time zone.

When your company needs a helping hand to take care of the noncore business work, you should hire a Virtual Assistant to give you time when you can focus on your core product. Select the Best Outsourcing Partner for your projects that offshore companies can take care of. Datainox is the best Offshore Data Management Company if you are looking for a Virtual Assistant on fixed monthly pay or an hourly wage. Datainox provides all elements discussed above and has multiple options for paying for the same.

The better you keep your data, the better it serves You

Our company business data is one of the most significant assets in the current market. Since there is a predefined mindset for checking even the minutest factors under the umbrella responsible for the company’s growth, let us discuss the eminence of doing the same with the datasets.

There are two significant limitations that a dataset may have.

Duplicate Data

Data duplication is possible when there are multiple contact details with the same name, either because of the listed title’s numerous visits to your website or when entering different contact details knowingly or unknowingly. This would hurt your advertising.

Data Duplication is among the most conventional hitch that a company would face, and getting the data manipulated accordingly will give your company a boost on sudden calls for relative requirements. The major impediment slowing the progress needs more accurate and complete data. A cure for such an issue is feasible and within budget only if you choose a proper service provider.


To avoid the sales and marketing follow-up, prospective clients will only fill up the details you asked for in the contact form. Accordingly, the data relative to this client needs to be completed. Many visitors may make spelling errors while filling up the landing page or signing up on any form; this clouds the group of mistakes and makes an inaccurate data set. Appropriate techniques can be used to make corrections.


Data scrubbing is a process in which incomplete, incorrect, and duplicate data is removed or corrected. You can get your data cleansing done by outsourcing it to an offshore data cleansing service provider. This will cut down on your expenditure and save you time and resources.

How Will Outsourcing Data Entry Services Help You Stay Competitive?

Commercial competition is increasing worldwide. Physical labor is no longer acceptable in business; it wastes time and paper. All office tasks are digitized, saving time and money. The organization’s data should be kept appropriately and securely. Outsource Data Entry Services professionals may provide your data in a unique format. We can now devote ourselves to vital business procedures.

Why Do You Require Reliable Data Entry Services?

A company may maintain all of its fundamental data in appropriate format and categorization with the help of Outsource Data entry services. This data can be quickly retrieved within seconds with the help of a few clicks on your computer. This can help you save time and money while propelling your company to new heights. We at Datainox offer a wide range of data entry services tailored to your specific business needs.

What kind of outsourcing services do We offer?

The satisfaction of the customer is what makes a business successful. If the customer is happy, the company will have a good position in the market. We help our clients grow their businesses with various data entry services. The services are:

  • Online and offline Data Entry Services
  • Online Shopping Records
  • Book Data Entry
  • Legal Documents
  • Product Details and service catalogs
  • Image and logo Design Data Entry
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Document Management Systems

What Benefits Do Data Entry Services Offer?

Outsourcing Data Entry Services will not only retain your data but will also manage it in systematic storage in several formats, making it easy to find when needed.
We can turn out a vast number of data services in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality.

We provide high-quality services faster and with fewer errors, putting our clients ahead of the competition.

We ensure your essential data security; it will be safe no need to worry about losing any data.
We assure you that providing data entry services will save our client money; we will surely provide your complete data entry services at low costs.

Why Should You Outsource Data Entry Services?

Outsourcing Data Entry Services adds value to business growth. Because the organization’s primary goal is not to provide data entry services, it is recommended that these services be outsourced to professionals to save time. Customer satisfaction is critical. All data is carefully checked for quality before being supplied to customers.

Why should you outsource data entry services to Datainox?

Datainox is a leading data input firm providing its clients with services and better efficiency. Our professionals have extensive training and experience. We have a team of skilled individuals with extensive knowledge of data entry. We guarantee that the services will be delivered on time and without sacrificing quality. Our primary goal is to provide services to our clients cost-effectively that meet their needs because the customer is the lifeblood of any organization.

So, your business is in a high position in competition. Outsource Data Entry Services to Datainox!

Hiring virtual assistance for your real estate business

Whether you serve as a dealer or an agent, real estate is your field to make good money. With sound money comes excellent money management. And the primary among them is calculating your company’s house expenditure.

Thus it becomes more acceptable to outsource your core task to other people. And that other source is virtual support. Hiring a virtual assistant for your business and delegating all non-core tasks has become much more convenient.

There are many reasons to prefer virtual assistance over an in-house workforce. Real estate virtual assistance can truncate a company’s overall work since the non-core work is outsourced, and the employees will get more time for productive endeavors that require immediate attention too. Since they are paid hourly, your real estate virtual assistant will free you from monthly salaries. There is no requirement to maintain the leave policy. Real estate virtual assistants don’t call for sick leaves or demand casual leaves.


Datainox is one of the best Real Estate Virtual Assistance companies. Datainox has a dedicated team for clients from all over the world, and each group would work as per the time zone.

The datainox team will do real estate data scrapping from other websites.

The datainox team will follow up with real estate listing websites.

The Datainox team has dedicated members who manage to send rudimentary messages to prospective tenants and renters while showing them all possible options per their requirements.

A dedicated team will manage the appointments arranged with prospective clients, brokers, and landlords, allowing you to keep track of your calendar at all times.

Datainox also supplies these virtual assistants with a back office crew that will keep the documents up to date according to the checklist.

The datainox staff appropriately closes all commercial and residential sales deals, informing the necessary departments via phone calls or e-mails.

Datainox provides Real Estate Virtual Assistant and Data Entry Services with flexible plans with industry-competitive hourly prices. Confidentiality is one of the company’s strong suits. Datainox guarantees client confidentiality and data security at all times during and after projects.

Datainox never compromises on staff quality; all virtual assistant profile candidates must pass a rigorous testing cycle and qualify for merit and expertise. Before hiring, individuals are rigorously investigated for their history and previous employment experience. Clients are also given the authority to request a change in the allocated virtual assistant if they fall short of expectations. Clients are always offered various means to communicate with their Virtual Assistants, including instant messaging such as Skype or Go to Meeting, e-mailing, and direct phone numbers.

Getting The Best Results From Data Entry Service

The amount of data produced every day determines the integrity of any data input organization. The primary function of data entry is to manage and process vast amounts of data daily. The majority of data is saved on powerful computers and in the cloud. It is critical to understand what is being recorded and by whom. Regardless of how little or huge your company is, plenty of data must be kept and evaluated afterward. Sometimes the data is needed right once for presentations and other times for reference and reports. Many successful businesses have recently used data outsourcing.

Let us show how it’s done.

At the start of this job, a reliable data system is built. The data is prepared and sorted. After an appropriate data layout is stored, a team of qualified and professional personnel is needed to manage sensitive information. It is also critical to create data backups using external hard drives and cloud computing to ensure no material goes lost or undiscovered.

Aside from saving data, data entry staff must rectify information conflicts and get additional information for incomplete papers. Companies continually test new data systems and software updates to ensure seamless data entry. Some businesses outsource data entry services to gain speedy results.

Are you sufficiently qualified?

Most Data Entry Companies aim for speed and a good command of the language, although this is only sometimes the case. If you manage and process enormous volumes of data for a well-known organization, you should be very good at typing and have a razor-like focus. A data entry operator must be swift and knowledgeable about various computer programs such as MS Office and Excel. If you already have some experience in this industry, it is always highly beneficial to any firm. This way, even if you provide outsourced data entry services, you’ll already know how to manage data under pressure.

The most vital skill to perfect for this career is your command of language and punctuation. Because so much information is required for this work, there is little room for error.

Find out more about the job. Once a data entry company has hired you, it is critical to understand what is ahead of you and what you are required to complete for this work. In addition to entering data, you must generate reports, store completed work in predefined areas, and perform backup activities. To attain the most excellent possible results, you must be swift and responsible for all types of information.

If you are outsourcing data entry services, you need to insert customer and account data which is usually numerical and text-based. Sometimes you are required to feed thousands of keywords and numbers daily and also responsible for keeping track of that information. Sometimes you are also required to respond to queries for info and access relevant files from time to time, making it convenient for the company and the concerned authorities to access suitable files whenever needed.

Advantages of Outsourcing

If you have managed to engage a quick and skilled data entry operator, you should know that your data management process will be faster, more accurate, and error-free. It would help if you recognized that your in-house employees are only sometimes capable of managing your complex data daily. Because most outsourcing suppliers are experienced and proficient at maintaining critical information, they are entirely professional and quick regarding risk sharing.

Because the outsourcing company is responsible for managing your dirty paperwork and documents, you can focus on other vital aspects of your business. Outsourcing allows you to operate stress-free because your data is not missing or jumbled. You don’t need to hire in-house data entry operators and supply them with various desks. Outsourcing data entry services correctly handles all of your vital data.

What are the long-term benefits?

When you have the option of having someone else do the heavy lifting for you, you should take advantage of it by hiring skilled professionals. The significant part about outsourcing is that your job never stops, even if you are physically closed. This allows you to profit from 24-hour business operations while saving money on infrastructure and technology. Outsourcing will enable you to grow your company and diversify your products and services over time. Because you have plenty of time and resources to spend and invest in other parts of your organization, you can reap many long-term rewards.

What can you do after outsourcing?

Outsourcing opens up many doors of opportunity, allowing you to explore your business’s strengths and invest wisely. You can minimize the number of employees and add value to your business by revamping the look and strategies. Besides working on new ideas and solutions, you can also consider outsourcing other areas of your business.

DATAINOX -The Best Outsourcing Partner That Stimulates Your Business Growth

In today’s environment, starting a new set-up business is relatively easy as today’s time is favorable for business. However, maintaining and growing the same company takes work. And when you decide to take your first step in the business world, the first two essential things you need are money and a workforce. Let’s say you have enough capital, but what about the crew? No bank can loan you that. But some companies can support you with a highly skilled professional team. Which are these companies? What can they do for you?

These are the outsourcing companies, and they do all your time taking tasks for you.
And intelligent businesses know where to find the best outsourcing solutions. When considering outsourcing your work, you must ensure three key elements: quality, security, and timeliness.
Datainox is one of the best outsourcing companies trusted by many companies for all their data needs.
Our Mission is to give quality work within the committed timeframe. It is a forte of each data processing services team member in Datainox to maintain high standards of security, whether for Data storage or not, letting your client know that you have partnered with us for outsourcing you’re their work.


You can contact us directly if you want to know about our commitment to quality and timeliness. Prospective clients are always given the option of requesting a trial test run before beginning to lay the foundation of trust. We have a track record of attaining 100% conversion after showing them the test sample.


Remember a strict “NDA”? Yes! Non-Disclosure Agreement is always attested to before, to begin with, any project. Datainox follows a stringent norm for each member, and there is a provision for accessibility to project details only for higher management related to the project. Datainox also provides “Liability Insurance” to every client for their satisfaction. Whether it is about a client’s database or its willingness to let everyone know about its partnership with us, Datainox always calls for not exposing anything even while sharing testimonials, blogs, or case studies, not unless upon getting the client’s consent for the same.


Datainox always gives prospective clients an option to get a sample test run that would give them an idea of the timeframe. Accordingly, the committed time frame is underlined within a Service Level Agreement for the records. Liability Insurance is also a vital tool for the clients to stay assured about getting their work within the Agreed elements of the Agreement.

5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Outsourcing Provider for Your Company

Outsourcing has revolutionized the business model. Thus finding the right outsourcing partner is essential to achieving your business goals. No matter what size your company is, outsourcing is for everyone. Choosing an ideal service provider is crucial.

The main reason why companies outsource is to take advantage of cost reduction. In the competitive world of today, pricing plays a huge role. Hence, the market for outsourcing services is cutthroat. However, this provides businesses with the opportunity to thrive due to low prices. Some companies claim that outsourcing leads to underperformance, and there are always risks of becoming a victim to online scammers. Outsource Data Conversion Services to ensure the quality of work is maintained.

Despite what the critics might say, outsourcing provides companies with many benefits. In times of economic downturn, outsourcing offers an opportunity for businesses to shine as profitability gets maintained and costs get reduced while productivity increases. But one thing remains the importance of finding the right outsourcing service partner. The following 5 steps will help you select the best outsourcing partner.

1. Identify your business needs

The first step is to explain why you wish to outsource. Any of the following could be the case.

  • Work Quality Improvement: Highly specialized jobs that require attention and time to be more successful could be outsourced. Telemarketing, internet marketing, and customer service are a few examples.
  • Increase Productivity: In addition to non-essential work, departments like finance, IT, and Human Resources can be outsourced. It aids in re-aligning the business’s essential functions and focusing on core strengths.
  • Lowers Costs: One of the primary reasons why firms outsource in the first place is to save money.

2. Do some Research on Your future potential Outsourcing Partner

“A little research hurt nobody.”

Choosing the appropriate vendor might take time and effort. This is why research is required. The following pointers will assist you in locating the best vendor.

  • Contact Local Regulating Agency: Ask for referrals or recommendations by contacting the local regulating agency. The agencies tend to have many outsourcing companies as active members.
  • Go through Social Media: You can join groups and ask for recommendations. There are even outsourcing groups on LinkedIn. Engage with members to learn from their experiences and ask for referrals to reputable outsourcing companies.
  • Ask for Recommendations from Associates and Friends: Since outsourcing has become extremely popular, your associates or friends might have hired an outsourcing company. Make sure to ask for recommendations from them.
  • Conduct Due Diligence: Conduct due diligence once you have some outsourcing service providers on your list. Google is your friend.

3. Send Requests

Have a list of at least three prospective outsourcing service providers in place. Then communicate with them and ask them to submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ) and a Request for Proposal (RFP).

A Request for Information or RFI form might be sent before the service provider complies. It is a highly detailed form that includes specific and general questions on the outsourced projects of the vendor. The RFI will be your reference guide for making the RFQ and RFP.

4. Start the Qualifying Process

Once all of the RFPs have been received, only eliminate a service provider due to pricing or its contents. Keep in mind that everything is negotiable. The quotation can be adjusted when the service provider has more details on the needs of your business.

Audio-video interviews should be scheduled with the outsourcing team. Have a list of questions in place that require the team to answer. The following topics should be covered.

5. Contract Negotiations

Finally, the service providers should be ranked according to preference. Initiate contract negotiations and prioritize negotiations with the outsourcing vendor. The following contracts would need to be submitted to the outsourcing service provider.

  • Schedule of Payments
  • Scope of Work
  • Confidentiality Agreement (CA)
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The outsourcing vendor may have a set of contracts. However, stick to a single agreement. Contracts are negotiated. Hence, all the outsourcing vendor’s warranty provisions can be arranged, discussed, and modified.

Ensure that the Service Level Agreement defines all the conditions for breach of contract, pre-termination of services, and the penalties for each violation. This will act as an Exit Strategy from the outsourcing agreement if the deliverables still need to be met.


When it comes to selecting an outsourcing service provider, there needs to be a process followed. The above steps can be used to find and hire the best outsourcing services provider for your business. Remember, more than pricing alone is needed for choosing the outsourcing partner. Instead, look at the overall value proposition the outsourcing partner presents. Outsourcing is an effective solution when facing uncertain times. It helps the business survive in times of volatility and allows it to thrive.

Four Reasons Why Startups Need to Outsource Data Entry Services

As so many entrepreneurs now realize the benefits of outsourcing non-core jobs, such as data entry, most companies have begun outsourcing data entry services.
If you are an entrepreneur who does your own business data entry or hires someone to do it for you, here are four reasons why you should outsource this task
Here are the 4. Outsourcing your data entry to a trustworthy Data Entry Company will have the following benefits:

1. Greater Effort on Core and More Tactical Features of your Business

One of the reasons some entrepreneurs take longer to develop their businesses is that they cannot concentrate on capitalizing on things that make their business unique and running it. This is primarily because of the endless list of jobs they have to complete and human strength and time restrictions. So instead of risking burnout, one must consider using a data entry company and other non-core jobs. This way, they can get back their precious energy and time, which would be spent better on their business core capabilities, contributing to its better growth.

2. Improved work efficiency and productivity

When you outsource data entry services, you permit yourself to focus on handling your business. The staff also becomes wholly focused on executing their tasks only. Suppose you run a business where every staff has their respective energies and time to implement their jobs or what they are best at. In that case, an upsurge in overall productivity and efficiency is inevitable. When you subcontract the tiresome task of data entry to the professionals, you allow your business to function with fewer overworked employees and a better organization, resulting in greater efficacy and production.

3. Less Operational Expenses

Instead of employing a full-time data encoder, outsourcing your data entry allows you to save a significant sum of money. This means that with a data entry company, one doesn’t have to bother about the expenditures associated with training, recruitment, utilities, salary, equipment, and the advantages of your internal encoder.

4. Better Security and Reliability

Suppose you outsource a data entry service provider such as a BPO Company. In that case, this will offer you much greater security and reliability for your business since they have the technology and experience to do so. They own data safety protocols as well as security systems to make sure all the info regarding the business is safe. Their trained data encoders utilize the most unconventional data input software packages, the newest computer hardware, and top-quality servers. Finally, they are also available 24/7, so whenever you need help, you can stay confident that someone’s there to help you.