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“Leverage on our services for an aspect of your business & reap profits! Team up with our educational services for best results.”

In education, outsourcing can appear in many different forms. From basic structural maintenance services to course delivery systems used by instructors, to the core IT foundation, and so on. With the increasing amount of competition in the educational sector, organizations in the industry need to focus their energies on factors like:

  • Student enrollment
  • Deliver quality education

Outsourcing Education services improves the overall quality of educational experience from the core.

What we offer?

We, at Datainox offer comprehensive Education Service solutions that fit all the domains of educational organizations like schools, colleges, academies, universities, training institutes, online training providers, e-learning organizations and many others in the sector. Our services include:

  • Student record generation
  • Student Application Form Data entry
  • Alumni database management
  • Course Enquiries / registration / Fees pay up
  • Email management
  • Follow-up services
  • Student Information management services
  • Enrollment management
  • College festival / event management
  • Bookstore support

Our team consists of highly skilled and trained professionals. Our extensive workforce is capable of meeting the clients’ requirements on international standards too! Also, we offer technology competence in the integration of electronic documentation, processing and communication. We offer the best services at very cost-effective rates in the industry.

Advantage of Datainox Education Services

We are pioneers in the industry offering the best in class Education service solution to a number of reputed clients. We help our clients save on the time thereby helping you to focus on core business activities and ensure positive outcomes.

  • Free up staff to focus on core activities
  • Leave the technology arms race to the professionals in the field
  • Improve the overall quality of educational experience
  • Data security
  • Accurate and high quality results
  • Streamlined management
  • Reporting on a real-time basis

At Datainox we deploy the latest in technology and deliver quality results with 99% accuracy and adherence to committed deadlines. Our entire team has been earmarked for and committed to help you solve the challenges that you face in the educational sector. Once outsourced your services to us, we can assure you that all your processing of information takes place on international standards as well as in the most secured atmosphere maintaining data confidentiality.

“Outsource your services to us and we keep you ahead of the technological curve!”