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Data Analytics Services

Data Analytics Services

Get Valuable Insights of Your Data with Our Data Analytics Services

In an increasingly digitized world, people, organisations, and industries produce huge volumes of
data every passing hour. When assembled, analysed, and interpreted perfectly, these raw databases
can turn into valuable insights that have the potential to facilitate quick, informed, and effective
decision-making. From consumer behaviour to employee working hours, from complaint solutions to
system maintenance, from customized healthcare to financial management, analytics can create
optimum solutions to tackle repetitions and incompetence.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process of analyzing datasets to extract valuable insights. Data analytic methods
enable you to take raw data and interpret patterns to extract significant understandings from it.

How Does It Help?

Data analysis can help companies thoroughly understand their clients, assess their promotional
campaigns, customise the content, create strategies and improve products. Thus data analytics play
a crucial role to boost business performance overall.

Sure, The Data Analytics Can Be Done In-House but It Has Its Challenges Such as,

  • You don’t have the required experience with the latest tools and technology utilized for the
    analysis process.
  • Data confidentiality and security will be the issues you will be constantly dealing with.
  • You will be hiring a fresh team or assigning an existing team specifically to perform and
    monitor the ongoing data analytics process.
  • Gathering, combining and synchronizing scattered data from countless resources will be a
    time-consuming and tedious job.

These factors don’t just cost you a lot but also lower your productivity. However, if you outsource
data analytics services to DataInox, we will help you overcome all these hurdles at the best market

Get Tailored Data Analytics Solutions and Get Most Out of Your Data

From data collection and cleansing to adequate structuring and implementation, we cover the entire
cycle of advanced data analysis. We offer you a team of dedicated analysts who utilize their skills
and experience to provide you with the best data insights that can help you make the best business
decisions. Our comprehensive data analysis services are utilized across various industries worldwide.
Being in the field for over 12 years we have provided services to a wide range of industries, such as
eCommerce, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing.
Through the latest technological tools, skilled analysts, multiple quality and security checks we
deliver you an output that can give you a competitive advantage.

We Offer the Following Analytics Solutions

News Analytics
We extract and analyse relevant data from various resources such as authorized company websites,
newsletters and financial announcements. Our analytics services are a boon for the brokers as based
on those insights they can accurately predict market fluctuations. Entrepreneurs can utilize the data
to predict and eliminate business risks. The analytics help the various businesses to get an insight
into the competitors’ activity.

Finance Analytics
Businesses need to maintain the organisation's financial health through profit maximization, cost-
effectiveness, and the best possible use of working capital. Besides efficient policies, processes and
strong fiscal management, significant data analytics is the need of the hour for opportunity
estimations and decision making. Our finance analytics services will help your financial planning
across all the financial procedures.

Marketing Analytics
Marketing is the field where data analytics play a key role. Proper and foresight data analytics
provide marketers not only with compelling insights for promotional campaigns but also provide
sound options to optimize ROI. Our data analytics will help your team get better customer insights,
analyse trends, and distinguish a target audience.

Human Resource Analytics
The business scenario is evolving constantly. Be it a start-up or a corporate giant, everyone is
realising the importance of personnel management, employee training and development, and
succession plans more than ever. HR analytics is a tool through which the HR department can
attract, maintain, improve, and retain talent successfully. Our HR Analytics services will give you
insights into pay, engagement, employee performance, and productivity.

CRM Analytics
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the vital aspects upon which depends the
success and growth of the business. CRM Analytics are inevitable for sound CRM planning as it
provides insights into management and growth of customer relationships. It also helps to improve
customer service which can increase customer base and profits.

Production Analytics
The manufacturing department of any field faces the pressure to refine production processes,
reduce unnecessary costs, minimise losses and boost overall productivity. That’s why manufacturers
depend massively on production analytics. The analytics dissects which materials, methods,
machines are not in use and which are utilised negligently. Outsource our production analytics
solutions and your production teams will do more with sufficient tools and boost profitability.

Digital Analytics 
The rapid rise of the internet over the years has made netizens leaving a lot of digital footprints
online. Such huge data volume over websites and mobile applications give an idea about the
preferences and shopping habits of the customers. Companies can’t overlook this. Understanding
the digital space, we offer comprehensive analytics services that provide valuable insights.

Fraud and Risk Analytics
Fraud and crime is a reality we have to live with. From private to government, every organisation is
strengthening their fraud risk management programs. We offer fraud risk analytics services that
recognize fraudulent patterns and help to reduce the risk of potential scams.

Administrative and Compliance Analytics
Globally businesses invest a lot to strengthen their regulatory and compliance mechanisms.
Administrative and compliance analytics helps the establishments to prevent non-compliance that
can otherwise cost a lot in penalties.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Any healthcare facility observes a huge data volume daily. It can be about doctors, staff, patients,
reports, files and many more. Healthcare Analytics makes sense of all that data and provides insights
that can improve the functions of the entire facility. Our solutions benefit the patient care programs,
optimist costs and refine current medical procedures.

We aim to provide quality data analytics services to our clientele. For a free trial of our services, get
in touch with us- info@datainox.com