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Data Conversion Service

Data Conversion Service

Stored data is among those keys with a company that would ensure that it has got all relevant and crucial elements that it may require for making its business grow. Irrelevant to the strategy that would be executed; there is always a requirement of easy accessibility through the CRM and for such requirements it is very important to have your data in relevant format. Amidst the work of core productivity, the relative data may not be in an easily attainable form or it may even be extremely frenzied. Outsourcing the company’s data to an appropriate and promising data conversion service provider is the best option amidst today’s high end competition.

Electronic Document management is critical since this is an era where companies are upgrading from those age old paper filing tactic to a paperless strategy. Irrespective to the size of the company, EDM has become a key tool for today’s business. Adapting to this service has given a noticeable cut down in the cost and at the same time a double boost in ease and profit.

Outsource Data Conversion Services At Datainox

The prime data conversions are Ebook Conversion, PDF Conversion and XML Conversion. The importance of getting the data conversion service can be easily perceived once the benefit of getting this service is illuminated.

HTML Conversion Services; HTML format is among the most conventionally preferred format over the industries. Though the only hitch is not all data available for business is in HTML. Either the format could be Excel, PDF images, hard copies and many more. Since transforming data is very important but at the same it is time consuming too, hence in such cases it would be better to outsource data conversion services to a reliable service provider. Datainox provides conversions like:

  • Text
  • Power point
  • Flash
  • PNG
  • Tiff
  • JPG
  • XML and lots more to and from HTML

Ebook Conversion Services is one such tool where in a book, either in a print format or a digital format that is not compatible with different electronic devices, is digitalized making it more acceptable for storage and transfer. It is very much crucial for a company that deals with any sort of publication, to apprehend its digital presence. This service is good for magazines, catalogs, blogs, journals, advertisements, in-house reports and lots more, where not only the productivity will boost but the course of achieving progress will also become smooth and far reachable for your employees.

A vast range of educational institutes prefer providing knowledge through e-book since this gives them easy mode of conveying the required data and also is free from using a lot of space for the storage of the same. At Datainox, you can connect your ebook conversion service with e-publication wherein your data will become gadget friendly with ipad, tablets, Smartphone and all possible electronic devices. Datainox gives both e-book creations as well as ebook conversions. It gives you a broad-ranging conversion service that would best match with your requirement.

PDF Conversion Services is among important requirements when the informational data is required to be made portable and also be in a readily usable scheme. PDF conversion is possible in to varied formats like HTML, JPG, Word, Excel etc. All these conversions are readily acceptable in businesses today and are the most easily accessible ones. There are numerous benefits of PDF conversion service and we can enlist a few as:

  • This will entail less space for storage.
  • Easy access to the content.
  • Easy portability.
  • Easy adaptability to more change in the content.
  • More secured against common threats like unauthorized edit to the data.
  • Intact originality in the format.

Datainox can provide the service of PDF conversion along with a well versed back up data facility through which there is minimal chances of your data getting lost or hacked or duplicated. Datainox makes sure to give the conversion in a tabulated, stored and fractioned format for its easy and secured sharing as well as usability.

XML Conversion Services is a time consuming process, initially, and it takes man power with resources consumed along with stress over head. XML is the most adaptable format though, for exchanging the information between multiple platforms within a business. Irrespective of the company data stature, either digital file, documents or information on hard copy, it can be converted to XML files which are adaptable across all operating systems. It can be either word or excel, text, HTML, RTF or PDF, all these can be converted to XML format for the smooth use and portability of your data either among employees or through different segments under your business.

Document Conversion Services includes the conversions of any form of files in to your desired format. It is very often that a company would no longer require the data or files or documents that it already has got; reason behind the same would be the format that the same exists in. You would need to convert a large volume of files and the same would require time, man power and resources. Under such circumstances, best idea for a company would be to outsource the Document conversion services to a reliable service provider. Datainox provides a varied range of document conversions like:

    • Images to XHTML
    • PSF to PDF
    • Excel to HTML
    • Word to Excel
    • PSD to XHTML
    • Word (hard copy) to Excel, PDF etc.
    • DWG to JPG


SGML Conversion Services forms a core part within a growing company; SGML is more often a key language within an IT industry and the conversion of the same is time consuming as well as demanding specific tools and experience. The SGML language is generally required for the fabrication and administering of files that are interconnected and both requiring the amending too, which is quite expensive as well as a lot of time depleting. In such circumstance, SGML conversion is preferred. Datainox can give the best conversion that includes:

    • Images, video and document conversion to and from SGML.
    • SGML conferring
    • Excel to and from SGML and lots more.


Benefits Of Outsourcing Data Conversion Service To Datainox

Once if you have selected the best and well judged outsourcing partner to get your services, that is when you have made sure of winning your goal by more than 60%. Here are enlisted few elements that will justify the reason why you should select Datainox as your outsourcing partner.

  • Datainox has got experience working for similar projects; this ensures you of spending minimum time in explaining the management here about your core requirements from them. Also the team is therefore well versed for relative work.
  • Datainox, before starting the project, give you a Complimentary Test Run on a sample for you. This will give you an idea on the accuracy as well as the turnaround time for your project. Also based on this sample test run, you will be able to calculate the cost worth behind outsourcing your work.
  • Datainox uses easily transferable modes like FTP, Fax or online portal sharing. This ensures more security and keeps away Data loss or Theft.
  • Datainox gives you the data conversion services in a wide range of formatting. This will allow the client to use the data on variable electronic instruments, since the relative content is also made friendly as per the requirement.
  • Datainox also gives you a regular server back-up facility on demand. This is very crucial for medium or large sized companies since they have huge volume of data on their servers and regular updating will keep the data safe from possible threats as well keep it updated for use in extremity.
  • Datainox makes sure to give you same data in a format that is interconnected and can be used across diverse platforms.
  • Datainox keep maximum transparency in work and commitments. This is predefined on paper before starting to work for the project.
  • Datainox gives a dedicated team to each client as per their time zone; this also ensures a smooth communication flow between the clients with their partners.

It is since more than 6 years, Datainox is among those versatile and firm segments in providing Data Processing services; there are no boundaries to check for quality as well as timeframe and client satisfaction for Datainox. It commits best product and merges with the client requirements till it can give him the best return on their investment.

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