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Web Research Services

Web Research Services

“Data is the new oil of this century and mining information from it is not an easy task. Avail web research services from Datainox & take your business to the next level!”

To say that there is a lot of information out there on the web would be an Datainox. Data is the key to any business’ survival and sustenance and making sense out of the vast amount of information available today and putting it to good use can prove to be the clincher that helps you get ahead of competition. Web Research Services can reduce a lot of your burden in this regard for you can outsource it to professionals who are trained to look for and work with the relevant data for your business. Datainox is one of the leaders when it comes to affordable web research services and we have helped many a client with our strategic and timely services.

Web Research Services Offerings

  • Leads Research

    Including professional profiles, resume, contact details i.e. Name, Address, Emails, Phone number & much more.

  • Property Documents Research

    Including mortgages, deeds, foreclosures, title research, assignments, releases, credits & much more.

  • Products Research

    Comprising of SKUs, technical specs, design, pricing, pictures / images, trend, feedback / rating & many more.

  • Online Research Services

    Involves e-commerce, shopping, cell phone, mobile, TV, movie, pictures & much more.

  • Professional Services

    For professionals including doctors, plumbers, carpenters, painters, legalities, academics, professionals & many more.

  • Events Research

    That covers exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, webinars & many more.

  • Document Research

    For journal, magazines, thesis, technical, white paper, news & many more.

  • Company / Business Research

    Related to industrial, competitor, market report, financial / annual report.

Why Choose DataInox?

We are a firm of professionals committed to providing our clients with the exact solutions as per their requirements at affordable costs. Our team is well qualified and trained to mine through tons of information to arrive at just the right information that could be put to good use in your business. You also get to save a lot of cost that goes into in-house setups, training and of course the man hours spent on mining such information. We provide you with viable and cost-effective solutions and our turnaround time is very quick and we employ the latest techniques in internet research service to get you the right information within no time!

“Partner with us for the best web research services at affordable costs!”