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Scanning and Indexing

Scanning and Indexing

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Scanning and Indexing Services – An Overview

It is the age of e-commerce and internet. Everything is practically shifting to a digitized world. Hence, it has become imperative for business houses to shift from paper to paperless recording of data! This is where document scanning and indexing services come of great help to address this business need.

Why Would a Business Need The Service?

Studies show that when there is a lot of paper documentation underway, almost more than 80% of the company information is not indexed and hence not searchable! Controlling your documents for the future of your business is very vital. Business records need to be protected and secured for later retrieval and future access to be made easy. They should be in the access of certain authorized personnel only. Thus, keeping it miles away from the theft, damage or unauthorized access is essential and understanding this need of the business houses, Datainox brings you the Document Scanning and Indexing Services.

How We Work?

Scanning and Indexing documents work on a formulated technology framework and tools. This makes the process speedy to develop an end-to-end document management solution.

Our experts and professionals in the field perform the task streamlined with a powerful set of features for efficient management of electronic data that include:

  • Data capturing
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Images upload and download, etc.

We understand that each client is unique, so are their needs and the kind of output they require. We seek to configure our processes to match the specific requirements of each organization and to pave the way for a completely no paper environment that is conducive for work related to finance.

Why DataInox?

Your business would benefit the most once you team with DataInox Scanning and Indexing Services. We are pioneers in the industry and offer our clients:

1. 100% Data security as we understand data is crucial to any business.
2. Easy preservation of documents and storage.
3. High-quality digital scanning.
4. Well-archived and indexed documents, records or books facilitate easy and quick retrieval.
5. Accurate results.
6. Minimize overhead costs for your business
7. Increase productivity by letting you focus on other core business activities.

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