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“DataInox – Redefining The Way Healthcare Companies Benefit From Services!”

Healthcare Services – Understanding The Transformation!

When everything around us is undergoing a change, why should the healthcare industry be left behind? The Healthcare industry too is undergoing a major transformation by focusing mainly on health benefits and how patients can benefit from the same. The major aspects of Healthcare Services are:

  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Integrate data for a better diagnosis and treatment
  • Link doctors to other doctors
  • Link patients with relevant doctors
  • Enhance the health aspects of the patients

Healthcare Services is a very strategic element, and we at DataInox seek to deliver the best possible results thereby aiding the healthcare professionals in improving patient health.

DataInox – We Work For a Better You!

Our goal is to work for the betterment of patients. We create a less fragmented healthcare system, minimize wastage, and seek to improve connections between the payers, providers and consumers. We offer adequate insight into what is required by the payers, providers and consumers; making sure the entire process is crystal clear and not a maze!
Our professionals are experts in their own realms and we take the benefits of cutting-edge technology employed by us and deliver integrated solutions that aid our clients in reaching their destinations.

Our Key Areas of Focus

We assemble an entire suite of Healthcare Services spanning over the following areas:

  • Payer Solutions

    Claims Management and other dues are taken care of by us at DataInox. We offer solutions for you to undertake correct and timely reimbursements that ensure time reduction and positively impact your image. Our payer solutions include:

    • Claims Management
    • Audit
    • Medical Record Audit

  • Clinical Decisions Making

    The solution makes available all clinical information in the hospital and delivers them to clinicians promptly to aid in management of infectious diseases.

Skyrocketing costs and the healthcare reform mandates have demanded the need for transformation of our healthcare ecosystem. We strive to provide a comprehensive set of Healthcare Services which aid you in delivering effective, efficient and extremely affordable healthcare!

“Engage with our business and technology experts for strategic solutions in Healthcare Services!”