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Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

“Maximize Your Profits – Both On Field And off Field! Venture With DataInox!”


With the ever changing global scenario, the travel and hospitality industry is adapting rapidly to address to the new customer demands. In their efforts in doing so, they will need partners who can help them speed up access to emerging economies, boost flexibility in operations while also providing a wonderful user experience at optimal costs.

About DataInox

We, DataInox, provide a cutting edge, end-to-end solution under Travel and Hospitality Services. Our major clients include – hotels, restaurants, casinos, online travel agencies, car rental companies and so on.

How Would Our Services Help Your Business?

We take off by helping companies understand consumer preferences. We begin by analyzing consumer data and creating a smart strategy. Travel agencies and hotel management staff today are required to plan and prepare new strategies. An age of a positive global growth, an age of unprecedented change in the global economy, and not forget an age of a new technology landscape. It is time to evolve the technology strategy in the Travel and Hospitality services so that the relative companies can take advantage advances in technology can make on the business.

Our experts provide insights to help you understand customers and market trends and drive towards pioneering new solutions. We help our customers better target their customers. We also aid in optimizing the pricing which would pave way for superior growth in both revenue and profits.

We are committed to leveraging technology to solve some of the pressing challenges. Some of our Travel and Hospitality services include:

  • Revenue Accounting
  • Fare Audit
  • Fare Filing
  • Loyalty Bonus Program
  • RFID Guest Recognition
  • Mobility Solutions for a better customer experience
  • Customer Management
  • Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Maintenance of Hotel Database
  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Quality Assurance Outsourcing

We seek to help serve the respective companies by way of our Travel and Hospitality Services and help them:

  • Align their business strategy
  • Make note and work towards business goals
  • Implement the strategy and attain the goal
  • Reduce the IT expenses
  • ROI on the IT expenses

Outsourcing Your Travel And Hospitality Business Process to DataInox Would:

  • Help your business achieve highest process and operational efficiency
  • Discover new platforms for generating additional revenue
  • Increase customer value by way of increasing visibility
  • Win over the loyalty of existing customer base and new customers

All this is possible only with DataInox, our experts work in close monitoring, on latest technology which is constantly evolving, best practices and optimum cost efficiency.

“We leverage technology to comprehensively address pressing business needs!”