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OCR Service

OCR Service

“The process of rectifying errors associated with OCR is called OCR Cleanup services”

OCR Cleanup Services

As the demand for speedy data entry and other processes is rising, so is the demand for OCR service escalating. OCR or Optical Character Recognition has dominated the market. The process of capturing raw data from varied file formats is called OCR – Optical Character Recognition. But in the process, vital information can be missed, copied wrongly or even repeated.

Datainox offers professional OCR service and takes care of all conversion needs. With enough expertise, we convert all your files into the desired format with 99.99% accuracy levels.

Why use OCR Cleanup services?

OCR cleanup services come into effect after the conversion process using OCR has been done. It helps in the following manner:-

  • If there is any data that has been missed, OCR cleanup services help retrieving the lost data
  • There could be a chance of misreading or misinterpretation of data. OCR Cleanup helps rectify the error
  • Your accuracy levels in the final output zoom up to 99%

What are the benefits of outsourcing OCR cleanup services?

OCR involves use of high-end technology. If your company is to take up the task in-house it would eat away on your time, capital and other resources. Hence, it is considered wise to outsource OCR services. By outsourcing you make use of sophisticated technology and at the same time skilled and expert manpower are at work. The OCR Cleanup service also takes care of any erroneous or missed data during the conversion process.

What does OCR Cleanup service entail?
  • Control of errors – the cleanup process ensures that all the possibility of errors is done away with.
  • Speed – The OCR cleanup captures data at a faster speed. In an age where speed is the determinant of progress, OCR cleanup services take away all the marks.
  • Data stored in electronic formats –Your entire manual as well documents in other formats can be stored in a convenient electronic format.
  • Increases usage – As all the data or records are now electronically stored, it increases the usability of your data.

Who can make optimum use of OCR Cleanup services?

OCR Cleanup services are beneficial to almost all sections of businesses. But they can be of utmost use to those areas where data is very critical. Some of the areas which require a high degree of precision during conversion processes are –

  • Scientific Journals
  • Research Papers
  • Accounting documents
  • Finance Reports

Why should you outsource OCR Cleanup Services to Datainox?

We have every reason for you to choose us as your outsourcing partner.

  • We have the best technology and tools to undertake your tasks.
  • We can capture data in any format and convert to electronic format with the minimal error percentage.
  • We offer the best and most cost-effective services.
  • Our team is well-trained to handle any file format conversions.
  • We are dedicated and committed to deliver the output ahead of schedules.
If a reliable and cost-effective OCR Cleanups service partner is the quest for your organization, then turn to us!!! Choose us for the best rates and optimum quality.