We do not ask for any kind of payment against the Recruitment process. Any individual or agency claiming to be/represent Datainox asking for money on any platform is a SCAM. We do not offer work from home.



“Wondering whether you need recruitment process outsourcing? Well, we would certainly give you reasons to consider it!”

Recruitment is a major worry for every company and spending the resources and manpower required for it isn’t as easy as one may think. We at DataInox understand the challenges behind it and bring you professional recruitment services. We have the necessary manpower and talent that help in acquiring the right talent for your company. We are all set to manage your recruitment needs, locally and globally.

  • A few words about us

    We are a professional recruitment firm offering scalable recruitment outsourcing solutions so as to effectively and economically screen viable candidates and acquire the right talent for our client company.

  • The DataInox Advantage

    We seek to provide effective and scalable human resource solutions to company of any size. We also offer flexibility of long term or short term assignments in our recruitment services.

  • Research

    We offer solutions for conducting a direct research for candidates for any job category or position given. This gives our client company a wide choice to choose from a range of strong candidates seeking change of employment at that given time.

  • Candidate Screening

    As a recruitment services firm, we conduct candidate screening before the final list is passed on to the client company. This service includes collection of resumes, and a very comprehensive yet concise pre-screening process is undertaken. The entire process is done based on the criteria provided by the client. We also test the candidate suitability for the given post.

  • Job Posting

    We also provide customized Job posting service. We create effective job posting and take on to distribute them effectively thereby building a strong network for our clients who are on the watch for capable talent in the industry. Many organizations may not have the time or the necessary manpower to invest in the activity. It is well taken care of by us!

Why should you outsource the task to a Recruitment firm?

Outsource recruiting activity to DataInox as we have the right manpower and expertise to find you the right candidate who is most suited to work on the post as per the job descriptions provided. By outsourcing you manage to save up on the time, cost and manpower which otherwise you would have ended up investing in. Your company by outsourcing the task will now do only what it is best at, without any distractions. By sourcing the right candidate for your company, you reduce the turnover rates of the employees. This is very significant for a company’s reputation.