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Virtual Assistant v/s In House Employee

Getting the right source workforce is one of the main requirements for our business to flourish. It’s the same thing as appointing good HR services so that the required openings are found. This takes much time. The pain of recruitment is followed by a series of strategies that must be monitored. Last but not least is payroll. Keeping track of the attrition rate is essential after keeping a high end on all these aspects. The extra productivity cost will affect the operation’s price by the end of the month. Is it better to hire a full-time employee or get a virtual assistant?

The elements highlighted here will help you with the perplexity. Both in-house employee and Virtual Assistant have their own benefits. Virtual Assistance is preferred if you want to outsource your business work to some offshore company since there are multiple benefits while getting an offshore Outsourcing Partner.


  • Salary
  • Incentives
  • Medical Benefits
  • Paid Leaves
  • Regular appraisals
  • Motivation
  • Infrastructure
  • Culture
  • Resources
  • Other Operational Costs

Comparison between Virtual assistance and Inhouse Employees based on various factors.

Employee Training. It’s essential to train your in-house employee for your project. We have professionally trained Virtual Assistants who would only need an initial brush-up for your project.
Fostering Social Media. It is a requirement to maintain and keep updating your social media pages with the prevailing market. An in-house employee would need a dedicated resource. Your virtual assistant will take care of it.
Infrastructure. A particular space is required for a profile to be productive. There is an additional cost to make a workstation. The regular Hardware and Software expenses are apparent, and the timely upgrade of gadgets and resources is always expected. All these expenses are included when you hire a Virtual Assistant.
Additional Payroll Benefits. In-house employees would expect benefits like Medical Expenses, Paid Leaves, Incentives, Bonuses and much more. Also, a company becomes liable to provide Insurance and Provident Fund schemes to in-house employees. Virtual Assistants do not require this from you.
Flexibility and Overtime pay. This happens when you have an unexpected load of work volume. In the case of an in-house employee, either you lose on convincing them to stretch their regular working hours, or you end up paying them to double for the extra hours they do. On the other hand, since Virtual Assistant is available on hourly pay, an outsourcing company will take care of your work volume by dedicating their source as per demand. They will make sure to give you your work within the committed timeframe. In simple language, it is challenging to expect flexibility from your in-house employee every time, while virtual assistants are always available per your requirement. You just pay them per hour.
24/7 work support. You cannot expect your in-house employee to work for you during night hours. In such cases, you can simply hire a Virtual Assistant who can work as per the required time zone.
When your company needs a helping hand to take care of the noncore business work, you should hire a Virtual Assistant to give you time when you can focus on your core product. Select the Best Outsourcing Partner for your projects that offshore companies can take care of. Datainox is the best Offshore Data Management Company if you are looking for a Virtual Assistant on fixed monthly pay or an hourly wage. Datainox provides all elements discussed above and has multiple options for paying for the same.

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