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Hiring virtual assistance for your real estate business

Whether you serve as a dealer or an agent, real estate is your field to make good money. With sound money comes excellent money management. And the primary among them is calculating your company’s house expenditure.

Thus it becomes more acceptable to outsource your core task to other people. And that other source is virtual support. Hiring a virtual assistant for your business and delegating all non-core tasks has become much more convenient.

There are many reasons to prefer virtual assistance over an in-house workforce. Real estate virtual assistance can truncate a company’s overall work since the non-core work is outsourced, and the employees will get more time for productive endeavors that require immediate attention too. Since they are paid hourly, your real estate virtual assistant will free you from monthly salaries. There is no requirement to maintain the leave policy. Real estate virtual assistants don’t call for sick leaves or demand casual leaves.


Datainox is one of the best Real Estate Virtual Assistance companies. Datainox has a dedicated team for clients from all over the world, and each group would work as per the time zone.

The datainox team will do real estate data scrapping from other websites.

The datainox team will follow up with real estate listing websites.

The Datainox team has dedicated members who manage to send rudimentary messages to prospective tenants and renters while showing them all possible options per their requirements.

A dedicated team will manage the appointments arranged with prospective clients, brokers, and landlords, allowing you to keep track of your calendar at all times.

Datainox also supplies these virtual assistants with a back office crew that will keep the documents up to date according to the checklist.

The datainox staff appropriately closes all commercial and residential sales deals, informing the necessary departments via phone calls or e-mails.

Datainox provides Real Estate Virtual Assistant and Data Entry Services with flexible plans with industry-competitive hourly prices. Confidentiality is one of the company’s strong suits. Datainox guarantees client confidentiality and data security at all times during and after projects.

Datainox never compromises on staff quality; all virtual assistant profile candidates must pass a rigorous testing cycle and qualify for merit and expertise. Before hiring, individuals are rigorously investigated for their history and previous employment experience. Clients are also given the authority to request a change in the allocated virtual assistant if they fall short of expectations. Clients are always offered various means to communicate with their Virtual Assistants, including instant messaging such as Skype or Go to Meeting, e-mailing, and direct phone numbers.

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