We do not ask for any kind of payment against the Recruitment process. Any individual or agency claiming to be/represent Datainox asking for money on any platform is a SCAM. We do not offer work from home.

DATAINOX -The Best Outsourcing Partner That Stimulates Your Business Growth

In today’s environment, starting a new set-up business is relatively easy as today’s time is favorable for business. However, maintaining and growing the same company takes work. And when you decide to take your first step in the business world, the first two essential things you need are money and a workforce. Let’s say you have enough capital, but what about the crew? No bank can loan you that. But some companies can support you with a highly skilled professional team. Which are these companies? What can they do for you?

These are the outsourcing companies, and they do all your time taking tasks for you.
And intelligent businesses know where to find the best outsourcing solutions. When considering outsourcing your work, you must ensure three key elements: quality, security, and timeliness.
Datainox is one of the best outsourcing companies trusted by many companies for all their data needs.
Our Mission is to give quality work within the committed timeframe. It is a forte of each data processing services team member in Datainox to maintain high standards of security, whether for Data storage or not, letting your client know that you have partnered with us for outsourcing you’re their work.


You can contact us directly if you want to know about our commitment to quality and timeliness. Prospective clients are always given the option of requesting a trial test run before beginning to lay the foundation of trust. We have a track record of attaining 100% conversion after showing them the test sample.


Remember a strict “NDA”? Yes! Non-Disclosure Agreement is always attested to before, to begin with, any project. Datainox follows a stringent norm for each member, and there is a provision for accessibility to project details only for higher management related to the project. Datainox also provides “Liability Insurance” to every client for their satisfaction. Whether it is about a client’s database or its willingness to let everyone know about its partnership with us, Datainox always calls for not exposing anything even while sharing testimonials, blogs, or case studies, not unless upon getting the client’s consent for the same.


Datainox always gives prospective clients an option to get a sample test run that would give them an idea of the timeframe. Accordingly, the committed time frame is underlined within a Service Level Agreement for the records. Liability Insurance is also a vital tool for the clients to stay assured about getting their work within the Agreed elements of the Agreement.

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