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Data Mining & Cleansing Services

Data Mining & Cleansing Services

“Extracting useful information out of data is crucial for businesses and Datainox’s data mining and data cleansing services are the best choice to improve the quality of information mined.”

Quality is a major issue when it comes to data and continuous quality improvement is one of the most talked about and implemented management practises today. Most businesses are looking to improve the quality of their data and this is being done by means of data mining and data cleansing services. Data cleansing deals with scrubbing of data to be rid of the errors and inconsistencies in the data being used which are usually a result of using multiple data sources, problems in data entry and invalid data. Scrubbing can help in improving the quality of the data available by leaps and bounds and mining such data is bound to give better results when it comes to quality. Data mining is one of the latest key techniques that are being employed to cleanse data and glean proper information out of it. Datainox offers data mining and data cleansing solutions that are customized to your business needs and we are unmatched when it comes to quality and turn-around times. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Data Mining And Data Cleansing Services

  • Detection and correction of corrupt records
  • Correcting or replacing inaccuracies in data
  • Removal of typing errors
  • Removal of typing errors
  • Validation and standardization of data
  • Verifying the correctness of the data in the system
  • Cleansing and sanitizing information
  • Removing duplicity and irrelevant data

Our Data Mining And Data Cleansing Services

We provide the following services under the purview of our data mining and cleansing services.

  • Address Correction

    Incorrect contact information can result in loss in communication channels between customers and businesses. Whether it is a phone number, email ID or the physical address, it needs to be correct for your business to be able to contact customers and we help you in this regard by undertaking to identify and correct the mistakes in the address data in your database.

  • Removing duplication

    Repeat information not only leads to wastage of space, it also means having to make multiple updates/corrections. Identifying and removing duplicate entries ensures that your data base is free of redundant information and is up-to date. This is essential for marketing campaigns.

  • Diversion of The Companies’ Manpower

    When outsourcing transcription services, the company can make more resourceful use of its manpower by diverting it to other activities – all in the interest of the company.

  • Audits To Ensure Integrity Of Data

    Validating that data present in the database confirms to its type and also ensuring that it isn’t compromised is essential to ensure that applications do not malfunction.

  • Case Conversion And Gender Additions & Corrections

    Converting case (lower to upper and vice versa), correcting the gender related information or adding new information to an already existing data as part of data cleansing is also taken up.

“Partner with us for data mining and data cleansing services to ensure that your data is of the highest quality!”