Audio & Video Transcription Services

Audio & Video Transcription Services

“Avail Audio and Video Transcription services from DataInox see your business escalate to higher levels!”

DataInox – pioneers in providing transcription services takes a step further and provides Audio and Video Transcription Services. Transcription of audio refers to the conversion of recorded audio matter into text format. The audio matter can be in digital formats such as MP3 or WAV or non digital formats like VHS cassettes etc. Likewise Video transcription services involve transcriptions from sources like DVD’s, Videotapes, Podcasts, Webcasts, Streaming Media etc. Video Transcription services are of optimum use to organizations like schools, media, universities, law firms and art institute. Audio Transcription services help convert podcasts, conferences calls, seminars, lectures, interviews, market research transcriptions, etc., into accurate and easy-to-read transcripts. There are some business that require of both Audio and Video Transcription services.

Advantages of Audio and Video Transcription Services

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals For Each Customer

    We understand the critical aspect of data. Inputs from the customer in various forms – audio / video. We have a dedicated team of professionals who work on the given project for each customer. Our Audio transcriptionists are especially trained to convert your audio files.

  • High End Technology And Infrastructure

    We entail the use of the latest technology and infrastructure to convert your audio / video inputs into digital that are easy to read manuscripts. Hence, we are able to process voluminous data with the highest level of accuracy.

  • Fast & Accurate

    Our audio & video transcription customers have benefited from high quality and accuracy services in transcribing audios and videos. Our professionals are thoroughly trained to convert the audio files with highest levels of precision and excellence. Further to ensure that your data is 100% accurate; we have quality-checks and proof reading, which checks the files for errors.

Choose DataInox For The Ultimate Advantage

We are a firm of professionals committed to providing our clients with the exact solutions as per their requirements at affordable costs. Our team is well qualified and trained in their respective spheres to help you attain quality. Our vast experience in the field of audio transcription has made us specialists in conversions to create transcripts that are reliable, accurate and readable. Also, the use of latest technology in video transcription makes us masters in the realm too! We understand the critical aspect of the data that being shared with us, for the reason we ensure that it is safe, secure and we strive to maintain the level of confidentiality. Our backup system and customer support services are in place 24×7, if you require any assistance.

“For efficient and affordable Audio & Video Transcription Services, venture with us!”