Check Processing Services India

"Employ risk-free electronic processing of payments with DataInox's check processing services!"

There is always a risk associated when it comes to accepting checks and this is a major worry for most businesses. Many customers prefer payment by means of checks and while is a sign of sure payment, there are associated problems such as processing the checks, realizing the money involved in the transaction and getting it into one’s account is always a headache. However, with DataInox’s check processing services, you can virtually have a risk free payment processing; read on to learn how!

Advantages of Check Processing Services

  • Accepting All Kinds And Types of Checks

    Such services allow you to accept all kinds of checks from customers and these may be personal, corporate, money orders, Government ones, travellers’ checks and so on.

  • Potential increase in Sales

    When you accept all kinds of checks, you can have smooth dealings with customers and you don’t have to turn down any payment option. This will be very useful for customers and this will directly result in better sales for you..

  • Faster Processing

    Usually, check processing services help you in getting money faster (within 2-3 working days).

Why Go For DataInox's Check Processing Services?

We customize our solutions to suit your business and we will ensure that your transactions are seamless and hassle free. We offer premium and standard packages and you may choose as per your needs. Check approval is typically done via a POS terminal that is mounted with a reader for checks or by means of a website or the IVR. We also offer guaranteed services wherein we handle lost/returned checks on behalf of our customers.

Our Check Processing Solutions
  • Verification of checks and guarantee
  • Deferred Payment options
  • Extended payment options – one time or recurring ACH
  • Conversion of electronic checks
  • Internet check processing
  • Remote check guarantee
  • Checks by phone processing
  • Recurring debit check processing
  • Remote deposit capture
"If you are looking for affordable check processing services that eliminate the risk of accepting checks and processing them, DataInox is your best bet!"